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Graduate School of Education: Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree Program Formats - Online

The 45-credit online master's degree cohorts in curriculum and instruction offer educators an opportunity to participate in an innovative block of coursework toward a master's degree (MA or MS).

By the end of the cohort program, participants will have completed 30 credits toward a master's degree (a total of 45 credits are necessary for the completed degree). The remaining 15 credits may be transferred into the program provided they meet the University's transfer credit criteria, or they may be taken during or after the cohort program is completed.
NOTE: You can transfer 15 credits of AIE courses toward this Master's Degree if approved by advisor.

 Participants are admitted into a "cohort" for two years. All members proceed as a group. The courses are offered in a one-time sequence online. Students in the online program remain in their cohort throughout the duration of the program as their courses are designed exclusively for them.

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Program features
Convenient access and times
The online classes are fully online and students participate in their class at least weekly. Online cohorts may take the summer classes in a condensed format, leaving much of the summers free.

Two-year format
Online students complete 30 credits in two years (e.g., fall 2012-summer 2014) by taking one 3-credit course each term (fall, winter, and spring) and two 3-credit courses each of the two summers. Upon completion of the cohort students have 30 credits toward a master's degree in curriculum and instruction. The remaining 15 credits for the master's degree are the electives and may be transferred into the program or taken during or after the cohort section.

Electives (15 credits)
Your elective credits should be selected with the help of your faculty advisor. Electives for the curriculum and instruction (CI) program are not limited to CI courses. Students may select courses offered throughout the Graduate School of Education, Continuing Education, or other departments at PSU. In some cases, elective credits can be transferred in.

Cohort model
It is a "cohort" because students stay together as a group throughout the program. Being a part of a cohort enables students to get to know their cohort colleagues well—colleagues they can rely upon while in the program as well as call upon after the program.

Practical and cooperative experience
Educators identify, study, and address needs specific to their district or agency, such as the implementation of an integrated curriculum to support educational reform, development of teaching strategies, development of students' higher-level thinking skills, assessment, communication with parents or clients, and models of change. The entire program is a cooperative learning experience. Early childhood, elementary, and secondary teachers work together with University and school personnel, all toward the goal of improving the K-12 curriculum. Other educators work on issues specific to their agency.

PSU support services
A Portland State University program manager, an onsite coordinator (for the off-campus face-to-face programs), and a faculty advisor are assigned to every cohort. The program manager helps with admission, registration, and logistical support. The onsite coordinator is responsible for identifying local resources and assisting with student concerns. Portland State faculty advisors help students with academic advising. Advising is offered onsite at least once per year as well as throughout the year via email and telephone communication. Electronic access to Portland State University's online library catalog is available, and library materials can be sent directly to students.

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Last updated Nov 2017