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Read what other teachers have to say about our distance learning courses:

"I am so thankful for Adventures In Education (AIE) - the number and variety and quality of courses you have developed. I just want to do Mathematics for PD. I spent some time researching other Math PD but was unsuccessful in finding anything of quality. I always came back to AIE. You have done a superb job. I did fill out online survey multiple times."  Teacher, OH

"I am very excited to take another class! The last one worked out so well." Teacher, CA

"I love the selection of Distance Learning courses you offer. This allows me to take courses that are not offered at my local colleges without having to travel. Please continue to offer these opportunities for teachers. I would like to see classes offered with ideas for computer programming projects."  Teacher, IN

I'm enjoying these courses and I have been really surprised at all the things these calculators will do.  I thought I was an expert with this particular calculator before I started, boy was I wrong.

Teacher, TX 
Courses 5144 and 5145

" I greatly enjoyed the course. Thank you so much for making these courses available.  They are just what I needed, wanted, and like! Thanks again!"  Teacher, PA

"I just sent in a registration for one of the calculator classes. I look forward to working on that course.  I really enjoyed the last class

and found the format easy to work with and very useful for my classes. Thanks.  Teacher, OR

"Thank you very much.  I enjoyed the coursework and thank you for your help." Teacher, MN

"I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to do this distant education course. It was not only more convenient, but also informative, interesting, and truly gave me a chance to reflect on the ways in which I teach." Teacher,  OR

"Thank you for offering high-quality, applicable distance learning courses."  Teacher, Japan

"Thank you Ė It was very enjoyable -  I didnít expect to have a lot of fun ---  But I did. There are many times the calculator could be used in my statistics course. Thank you."  Teacher, NY

 "Thanks, I am already using the info that I learned in my classrooms." Teacher, CA

"Thanks so much for the quick feedback! I enjoyed the course and learned a great deal about the calculator that I can pass on to the students in my class.  I do want to use this course for certificate renewal as well as get it on my record of accomplishments here at the college. Thanks again." Teacher, FL

 "Good Job! This course is well thought out!" Teacher, CA

Upon completion of this course, I will have completed 44 graduate quarter credits with you beginning back in 2004. Thank you for offering these courses and having the graduate credit. This likely was my final course, as I will now have enough hours past my Master's degree to be promoted from Associate Professor to Professor in the next couple of years. I have learned more from you about teaching the courses I actually teach than I would have taking some abstract theoretical math courses. The courses you provide have helped me to become a better teacher, and I know my community college students have benefitted. Teacher, MI

"We use the TI-83+ calculators in our classrooms, so I really enjoyed the course and believe it will help me in my classroom lesson design!!"  Teacher, NM

 "I enjoyed the class and plan to enroll in another one either this summer or next fall." Teacher, CA

"Iíve gotten to use quite a bit of the calculator stuff already in this last semesterís Stats class, so thanks for that! 

Next, Iím planning on next enrolling in the courses on using TI-83s in Algebra I and II, to complete over the summer. "

Teacher, AK

"Thank you. It was fun and interesting. I loved learning more about how the brain works."   Teacher, MA

"I am finding it fun and very informative.  Putting myself in the student's seat has been good for me.

Thanks." Teacher, TX

"I teach an Intro to Statistics course at our local community college on a regular basis and the material that was covered in Math 5138 will

apply directly to the topics that I cover. I really enjoyed taking the course. Thank you. " Teacher, MN

"Thanks - I really did enjoy it and learned a lot."   Teacher, TX

"I enjoyed the course. It is good to be reminded that our course content needs to accommodate as many intelligences as we can. I often forget to

include those that are not my strong suits!"  Teacher, IL  

"Thank you for offering this course- two major themes are hitting our school next year- literacy and standards based education! I enjoyed the class!!" Teacher, CO

"Thanks for your guidance.  I really did learn a lot once I learned the basics of that little computer."  Teacher, IN

"Thank you.  I have never used EXCEL before, it has been great!"  Teacher, NC

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the "Making Statistics Come Alive" Course # 5141. The materials and the workbook

were excellent sources. The projects were interesting and will be very easily adapted to my courses at Douglas County High School in Castle Rock,

Colorado. Currently my course schedule is Advanced Placement Statistics, Probability and Statistics, Precalculus, Trigonometry, BC Calculus, and

College Algebra. It was enriching and helpful to create the lesson plan. I appreciate the organization and information presented, and also the

ability to work at my own timing. 

Again, a very sincere "thank you" for this opportunity!" 

  Teacher, CO

"Thanks for all of your help along the way.  I learned a lot and feel like I got a lot out of the course."  Teacher, MA 

"I really enjoyed the course and look forward to doing another."  Teacher, CT

 "Thank you for offering this informative and convenient course."  Teacher, OR

"The distance learning format works well for me. I appreciate the wealth of usable materials that are a part of the program." Teacher, OR 

"I had never used Excel, except to draw one graph. I was surprised at Excelís capabilities. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It had been a while, and I had never taken a distance ed course. It was a great learning experience."  Teacher, MA

Thank you for a fun and useful course."  Teacher, OR

"Material for the course was informative and well-organized. Lessons were  clear and concise. Topics were useful in my teaching assignments. The ability to work from a distance and at my own pace and by my own schedule was very beneficial!"  Teacher,  CO

"Another great class! Thank you again for designing classes that fit into my punctuated free time."  Teacher, CA

"Great class! It was flexible enough to work into my busy life. Thank you so much."  Teacher, CA

"Again, I really appreciated the organization of the course and the excellent materials and resources. Thank you very much."  Teacher, CO

"Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!"  Teacher, CO

"I really enjoyed the classes.  It is nice to take a different approach to designing activities for the classroom. Thanks again."  Teacher,  IL

"Thank you.  I enjoyed the course and will use some of the ideas this next semester."  Teacher, CA

"I enjoyed the course a lot! I wish I had some extra time to do additional work such as two more projects, embellishment,... "  Teacher,  FL

"Thanks, it was an enjoyable class!"  Teacher, IL

"Thanks so much again for your assistance with this course; I was pleased with the results and found it very worthwhile, professionally and personally."  Teacher, CA

"Thanks for helping me learn some things about the calculator that I did not know.  Thank you especially for the final lesson.  A great deal of thought and effort went into mine because I wanted to develop a useful, ongoing project to use with my IB students.  I have wanted to do this for years but never seemed to find the time to sit down and do it.  You gave me a reason to find the time and I will begin using the results of my labor within the first week of school.

I have had "fun" working with the course and now you get to have "fun" grading the workbooks."   Teacher, VA

"Thank you for providing distance learning options that are designed to suit the needs of teachers."  Teacher, Japan

"This was a wonderful course that ties into the curriculum I am teaching and to other courses I am taking this summer."  Teacher, CO

"I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work on this at work and home. I also appreciate how clear the instructions were and how applicable the content."  Teacher, OR

"I enjoyed a class I took from before. The distance learning format works well for me. I appreciate the wealth of usable materials that are a part of the program."  Teacher, OR

"I enjoyed learning about Multiple Intelligences. It inspires me to keep inventing new ways to reach my developmental students. I gained more ideas than I can find time to develop."  Teacher, TX

"I love the selection of Distance Learning courses you offer. This allows me to take courses that are not offered at my local colleges without having to travel. Please continue to offer these opportunities for teachers. I would like to see classes offered with ideas for computer programming projects."  Teacher,  IN

"The instructor does an excellent job!"  Teacher, IN

"I enjoyed this class and will apply what Iíve learned in the classroom."  Teacher, DC

"I enjoyed the course. It was very valuable to my understanding of the NCTM Standards and TI-83+. Although I have utilized the calculator in the past, I know now more applications. Thank you!"  Teacher, IN

"Exactly what I had hoped it would be. Overall, nice course, great format. Thanks for offering the opportunity."  Teacher, OR

"I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I increased my calculator knowledge far beyond what it was before I began this adventure. I have already thought of the perfect applications for the classes I teach. This has been a truly wonderful experience."  Teacher, VA

"I thought for a distance learning course, that it was very well organized. This helped with transitioning through the course. I also thought the textbook was excellent source of help."  Teacher, VA

"Thanks, it was an enjoyable class!"  Teacher, IL

"I really enjoyed this course.  Thank you for your efforts.  I got some great ideas for teaching!  Just an interesting son just finished a Glyph Graph in his middle school mathematics class!"  Teacher, IL

"I am so excited!
I am applying what I learned in your course for teaching my developmental math students at the 2 yr college level.
My math students have taken a Multiple Intelligence test that I designed from the reading material your assigned us.
It is so good to see the students get so excited about discovering their  strengths and weaknesses.
I am developing special assignments for students who scored themselves low in mathematical intelligence.
I am hoping to increase student retention and success scores in my classes.

  I am also using the brain-based learning tools to give the students a safe, friendly, fun,  colorful, and challenging place to learn math.
I have great feedback from students who are having fun and learning after only the first week.
A young lady told me,  "I actually learned something today."  She thanked me and repeated her statement to several other students.
I was told that students were were overheard, walking and talking in the hall about their high expectations of learning math in my class.
I was thinking of tracking my students from 3-4 classes and comparing them to those of traditional instructors in my department.
Do you have suggestions? Do you have any more classes for me to take to learn to be a more effective developmental math teacher?
Thank you."   Teacher,  TX

 "First I would like to thank you again about your understanding and very valuable advices. Though the timing and some hectic personal as well as family schedules made things this summer a little bit difficult, I do really enjoy and learn a lot from each of your four courses. I think you have designed a well organized very interesting course works. Actually I did recommend you for a couple of my colleagues, hopefully they will contact you very soon. In the mean time as I had mentioned last time I am interested to take one of your math course (teaching Stat with excel), hopefully at the end of this month or next month I will send you the check for the course work. Finally I was wondering that whether Adventure offers teaching Statistics with Mini-tab, similar to one of your Excel course. Let me know if you have one."  Teacher, CA

"I enjoyed the course. I can use these ideas to create activities specific to my class content. Relating activities to the Standards was helpful. Thanks."  Teacher, OR

"It will be a few months before I am "up" for my next course;  think I will do the "online course" next. 

The other day in the algebra class I am teaching, we were graphing intersecting lines (one boy in the class has a TI 83) and after class he came to me could not get the lines to draw and I said, " Let's see if your stat plot is on?"  And yes, it was.  I was so proud of myself!  Thank you very much.  I have learned a lot - I think methodology rather than math.  We did a project in my stats class this summer thanks to you - had to come from internet - they were very impressive."   Teacher, IN

"Thanks for the thoughtful and fun assignments, I hope to take another course soon."  Teacher, CA

  "I enjoyed the course. Until taking the course, I only used the graphing calculator for graphing lines. Therefore, I really did increase my knowledge of its working and will be using that knowledge next year since we are going to use the TI84 in my Geometry class.  Thank you."  Teacher, PA

"Thanks for the great course and helpful ideas."  Teacher, MN

"Overall I think the course was well done and interesting. I have acquired several great ideas that I will be implementing in my own online classes."  Teacher, TX

"I love the flexibility of this class format! Thanks for allowing me to participate. Iíd like to do another class in the late spring/summer.

I think this class will count as 2 semester hours, so I will need 2 more classes."  Teacher, AZ

 "Material well presented Ė very interesting. Thank you so much!"  Teacher, FL

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